Perilous is an epic fantasy role-playing about exploration, really weird magic, and lots of dungeons

The Story

Perilous is a fantasy role-playing game about exploration, really weird magic, and lots of dungeons. Basically the world is covered in ancient ruins and temples to long forgotten gods. Within the walls of dungeons strange magic is everywhere and nothing works like you’d expect it to. Many communities have even taken to living in the dungeons, using the magical quirks to their advantage to make their lives just a little bit better.

The Adventurer’s

Adventurers are the people who explore the dungeons. They’re normally an important part of the vibrant communities that dot the world, though lone explorers do exist. Dungeons are full of all kinds of treasure, knowledge, and odd magic. Delving into the depths of these alien structures is absolutely dangerous, but the rewards are too great to ignore. Fighting past ancient evils and navigating the tricks and traps that dungeons are famous for is all part of the job.

Playing The Game

Players take on the role of adventurers living in one of these communities. You create their own character capable of venturing forth into the unknown and get to experience the excitement of discovering the odd and inexplicable. You get to step into the boots of your character and play out their actions, emotions, and story with your friends. This game really doesn’t care about complex rules, the focus is always on the cool things your characters are doing and the experiences they’re having instead.

The Basics

Perilous uses a 20 sided die, often referred to as a d20, to determine what happens in moments of excitement and uncertainty. Whenever you have your character try something uncertain or risk you simply roll the dice, add your bonuses, then compare the result to a set of outcomes. Sometimes things go very right or very wrong for you and you roll a critical. Whenever you roll a 20 on the die you get to choose an extra positive effect, but whenever you roll a 1 on the die, you have to deal with an extra negative outcome.

Your Character

Your character is the most important part of playing the game. They’re the lens you enjoy the adventure through. Making a character is easy, just pick three aspects for your character from a list of unique talents, equipment, spells, and personalities. Each of these aspects tells you a bit about how your character solves problems, and also gives special bonuses and abilities.

Each aspect has a few situations that you can use them in, whenever one of these situations comes up you get to add +2 to the roll of the die. You can even chain them together to create awesome action sequences and give yourself an even bigger bonus! But aspects aren’t just for earning bonuses, each aspect has a special ability tied to it that lets you do cool things, and as you progress and grow as an adventurer you even get to unlock more abilities from your aspects!

Creating Advantages

While your character tells you how you approach problems, every situation is different. Succeeding allows you to create opportunities for your allies or gain an edge in a given situation. When you create an opportunity you get to make up a temporary aspect that’s part of the scene. It could be creating an advantage in the environment or affecting another character or foe in some way. Regardless, when you want to use up an opportunity you get to use it just like it was like another one of your aspects for an extra +2 bonus.


The other kind of advantage you can create is gaining an edge. Edge is a type of point that you can earn as you do well that represents your character’s forward momentum. You accumulate more and more edge, then can spend it to activate your special abilities!

Fighting Monsters

In this game monsters don’t have health that you’re chipping away at, every fight is dynamic through a use of challenge tags. For example, if you were facing a wyvern you wouldn’t have to hit it enough times it dies, instead it might have the challenges “flying out of reach” and “barbed stinger”.

The fight isn’t about hitting each other back and forth until someone dies anymore. It’s lassoing the monster with rope to prevent it from flying away and latching onto it’s tail to keep the stinger pinned while you’re ally goes in for the finishing blow!